Better Business Owners Course


Are you Self-Employed and do you wish you had a better understanding of how tax works in your business? Are you starting out and want to get on the front foot with tax for your business from the get-go? Looking to get the most from your Company Tax Return?

We have your back with our 2 module Tax Course for Business Owners to help you get on top of your taxes and manage them more efficiently. Think of us like your Tax Advisor Genie, here to answer all those dooming tax questions, and we have answered them! The modules are self-paced, you can do just one or both and include a number of resources including our Tax Calculator to help you take control of your business taxes.


    Business Tax Basics

    Perfect for all business owners, but particularly those new to business or simply want to know more and fully understand how tax works in their business.

    This module covers:

    • Business structures and tax implications
    • Income tax basics for small businesses
    • Depreciation
    • Payroll and Single Touch Payroll
    • Superannuation Reporting
    • Record Keeping and Compliance
    • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

    Advanced Business Tax

    The Advanced Business Tax course is for those business owners who have a basic level of tax knowledge and would like to better understand how to get the most out of their business from a complex tax point of view.

    This module covers:

    • How to get cash/profit out of your business
    • Personal Services Income
    • Tax Planning
    • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
    • Exit Planning

    Leadership Growth

    Both Modules are fabulous if you have a Leadership and/or Decision Maker role as an employee and are looking to growth your operational knowledge and value.

    These modules form part of the Better Business Owner’s course by Helix Planning, an 8 module (self-paced) course to build your business confidence & mindset. The course includes modules on Cash Flow Forecasting, Quoting for Profit and Business Goals – all skills required to run a successful business. You can find out more about the other modules within the course here.


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